Durga Puja 2023

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Information regarding registration

Registration is not required for Darshan except Saturday the 21st of October evening due to the logistics limitation of dandiya and Food Festival

Adult registration:
25€ per person per meal (lunch/dinner)
Full event registration (except Dandiya and food festival) 95€ per person
Spot registration: 30€ per person per meal (lunch/dinner)

Child (4 to 10 years) registration:
22€ per person per bela
Full event registration 83€ per person
Spot registration: 25€ per person per bela

Kids below 4 years are allowed free of charge

Food stall access (both adult and child): 6€ per person
Dandiya (both adult and child): 9€ per person

Please note that we will have very limited spot registration and recommend registering in advance to avoid disappointment.

Click here to register


Friday, 20th October, Dinner:

Veg chop/fish chop
Veg Biryani/Chicken Biryani with Raita
Dahi bhalla
Shahi tukda

Saturday, 21st October, Lunch:

Koraishutir Chop
Bengali fried rice
Doi begun
Chhanar kalia

Saturday, 21st October, Dinner:

Food Festival (Click here for more details)

Sunday, 22nd October, Lunch:

macher matha diye daal/ veg daal
Fulkopir roast
Katla kalia/ echor kalia
Lebu lonka chicken/ matar paneer
Misti doi

Sunday, 22nd October, Dinner:

Luchi (2 pcs fixed)
Aloor dum
Fish chop/ veg chop
Mutton/ Butter Paneer

Wijkcentrum Blixems
Overture 2, 5629PV